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Truck Scale in Yerevan

truck scale's Installation in Yerevan

Yerevan is one of the capitals that large industries of Armenia is located in this city. Main industries and almost all economic trades are done in this important city.

Based on the large volume of economic, truck scale is one of useful and profitable weighing tools in this city. A significant number of products are exported to neighboring and European countries from this city, all of which must be weighed before shipping.

In this article, some useful information is given about Yerevan, and one of the installation projects is elaborated at the end.   

Where is Yerevan?

The capital and largest city of Armenia, also known as Yerevan, is one of the oldest continuously populated cities in the world. Yerevan, the country’s primate city, is the administrative, cultural, and industrial center of the nation and is located along the Hrazdan River. Since 1918, it has served as Armenia’s capital, the fourteenth in its history, and the seventh to be situated in or near the Ararat Plain. The city also houses the Araratian Pontifical Diocese, one of the oldest dioceses in the world and the largest one belonging to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

truck scale's Installation in Yerevan

With the expansion of the Armenian economy, Yerevan has undergone significant change. Since the early 2000s, a lot of construction has been done throughout the city, and retail establishments like restaurants, shops, or street cafés— which were uncommon during the Soviet era— have proliferated. Yerevan had a population of 1, 060, 138 as of 2011, or just over 35% of Armenia’s total population. The current population of the city is 1, 092, 800, according to the official estimate for 2022. UNESCO designated Yerevan as the 2012 World Book Capital. Yerevan is a member of Eurocities as an associate.

The Economy of Yerevan

As of 2013, Yerevan had a 41% share of Armenia’s annual industrial output. Yerevan’s industrial sector is quite diverse, with products from chemicals, primary metals and steel, machinery, rubber, plastic, rugs and carpets, clothing and footwear, jewelry, wood products and furniture, building materials and stone-processing, mineral water, dairy products, and processed foods. Despite the fact that the country’s industry was severely damaged by the economic crisis of the 1990s, a number of factories are still in operation, particularly in the petrochemical and aluminum sectors.

Armenia’s carpet industry has a long history with long-standing customs, so carpet production is more developed in Yerevan with three significant factories that also make hand-made rugs. The “Megerian Carpet” factory is the industry leader in this area.

Processed meat, all varieties of canneries, wheat and flour, sweets and chocolate, dried fruits, soft drinks, and beverages are examples of food products. Travertine, crushed stones, asphalt, and asphalt concrete are the main building materials.

truck scale's Installation in Yerevan

The city’s location on the banks of the Hrazdan River has made it possible to produce hydroelectricity. Three hydroelectric power plants have been built within the administrative region of Yerevan as part of the Sevan-Hrazdan Cascade: the Kanaker HPP, the Yenevan- 1 HPL, and the YeRevan 3 HPV. The entire facility was privatized in 2003, and RusHydro now owns it.

The Yerevan Thermal Power Plant, a special facility in the area for its high quality and cutting-edge technology, is also located within the city. A modern plant, which was first established in 1961, was constructed in 2007 and equipped with a new gas-steam combined cycled turbine to produce electric power. With an initial investment of US$ 258 million and an anticipated capacity of 250 megawatts, the construction of a new thermal power plant was started in March 2017. In 2019, the power plant will be in operation.

Installing a truck scale in Yerevan

The process of truck scale’s installation is done in following order. It is important to do all in a row as the each one is the perquisition of the next one. 

Preparation of the site: At first, our technical experts request some photos and films to see the location as it is. After the preliminary evalustion, the preparation steps such as how to remove the slope of the installation site, prepare the ramp site and excavate for the prefabricated foundation were sent to the client. All measures should be done based on international standards and the implementation steps should be carried out under the supervision of our company.

Mechanical installation: Normally, all parts of a metal truck scale are exported to other countries, in this project we follow the same strategy and all compartments were exported a week before truck scale’s installation.

truck scale's Installation in Yerevan

 After excavating, the pre-fabricated foundations were installed, and then the scale platform was placed above them. The all these actions which are done in purpose of assemble the main structure of the truck scale is known as mechanical installation.    

Electronic installation: The electronic truck scale’s installation of the truck scale is the process of installing the load cells in allocated place and cables them to indicator. In this project, digital load cells were used.

Calibration:  After the mechanical and electronic installation of the truck scale, calibration is done to solve any potential mistakes. At this stage, different cargoes are weighed several times and measure the accuracy of the scale based on the reports.  

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