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Indicator is a display that shows weight. Functionality of the indicator distinguishes them from each other. The quality of the electrical components and screen used in indicators are the most important components of them. Indicator is one of the most important equipment used in truck scale weighing ecosystem as ultimately the operation of all other components must be shown by indicator. This valuable equipment can comply with any scale or weighing equipment to provide easy digital viewing in almost any setting, indoors or outdoors.

different types of indicator


PU850 Digital Weight Indicator


PU750+ Digital Weight Indicator

Technical Specifications

Design and Options of Indicator

The design of the electrical board of a truck scale indicator and the way it reads weight from load cells are sensitive matters that is programmed by the electronics department at PandCaspian Co. In addition, the connectivity of indicators to a computer or a printer is another functional part of an indicator.
One of the most important elements in an indicator is being designed user-friendly. All indicators designed in PandCaspian Co. have really easy navigation to facilitate the process of weighing.
All menus are designed in such a way that a user can learn working with in a short time. To customize the functionality of indicators, they are designed and produced with simple and understandable language.
Indicators are also classified based on their options. The indicator which has more weighing options will improve the performance of a weighbridge. Indicators are produced by PandCaspian Co. provide a wide range of functionality; control the process of weighing and data transfer to management office.
Another prominent feature of indicators is their ability of being connected to second and third remote displays.

Where Pandcaspian indicator could be used?

Our weight indicators can be used with a wide range of scales and are fully compatible with weighing software used in a truck scale weighing system. PandCaspian’s weight indicators service a variety of industries, from food industry and medical to petrochemical and agricultural weighing applications.
The location of setting up an indicator in a weighing system can be changed according to the place allocated to truck scale. It is possible to install the weight indicator outdoor and indoor.

Maintenance and Guaranty of Indicator

The maintenance of the indicator in all stages of using is really sensitive, pay attention to the things that may reduce the accuracy of the performance. In user manual booklet all safety and correct maintenance of an indicator are explained for users. 

The indicator produced by PandCaspian Co. to be used in a truck scale have approval of European and East Asian standards. Therefore, customers can purchase a truck scale display with confidence. 

In addition, Indicators have guaranty and after-sales service. We assure you that we will be in all process of using Pandcaspian’s indicators from the moment of buying to the time indicator works. 

 We will provide technical support in the form of training and troubleshooting. 

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