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RAIL series

As the importance of rail Scaling is explained above, we are trying to provide this equipment based on standards and regulations for facilitating railway weighing needs.

Additional Options and Accessories

Every business has different needs when it comes to work professionally. PandCaspian Co. offers a variety of options to facilitate the truck scaling process. We provide a full-service of truck scaling and its accessories.


Software is developed to facilitate the process of weighing procedure. Our indicators have all option to automate weighing system and reduce the time of weighing. Software is developed to cover the needs that are not incorporated in indicator option, by which you can customize data management system complying with your business parameters. For more information click here.

Plate Defined Weighbridge Management System copy

Plate Defined Weighbridge Management System

Plate Defined Weighbridge Management System is designed to take the photo and record the vehicle license plate. Then, camera ID transfers date and the time of vehicle entering to the management system. The camera is linked with the computer installed in the weigh cabin. Multiple cameras can be installed to take pictures at different angles at the same time. The length of the vehicle on the scale can also be recorded, optionally. Anything would be practicable as the customer order. By having this option: Operator does not need enter the plate number into the system; Operational mistakes will be reduced; The speed of weighing process in crowded sites is increased; The plate number is saved in customer lists to be used in the next time

Remote Display

Remote Display

If you want to observe the value of the weigh outside of the cabin, remote display is the right choice. It can be set up at any suitable place based on the available sites outside of the cabin. The value is clearly readable on red LED indicator with 6 digits. Remote Display is so useful in a foggy, smoky and dusty weather. Our remote displays make sharp, easy-to-read weight values. By having this option: The supervisor can see the value while is in his/her office; The diver sees the value and no need to ask from operator; The speed of weighing process will be increased

traffic light 2

Traffic Lights

One of the important matters in truck scale is organizing vehicle when the site is too crowded. Traffic lights is so useful for the organization of entry and exit by commanding truck drivers. It could be mounted in the weighing cabin or scale area. Barrier is another applicable part of traffic lights. It open and close the entry to improve the speed of weighing process.

Truck Scale Sealant

Truck Scale Sealant

One of the road scale accessories that provides a lot of benefits to the scale owners is truck scale sealant. This type of sealant has significant features that greatly help to increase the useful life of the scale and increase the accuracy. By having this option: Protection of load cells from the accumulation of rubbish leading to errors; Prevention of weight error due to penetration and filling of the grooves around the scale plate; Preventing the entry of sand, waste, sediments and the accumulation of materials under the scale platform; Suitable for use in sand mines, metal, chemical, food industries, cement, plaster, concrete, industrial powders, livestock farms and etc.

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