Pre-fabricated Armored Deck truck scale

Pre-fabricated armored deck truck scale guarantees fast and easy installation

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Pre-fabricated series

This pre-fabricated armored deck can be installed pit and pit-less. This series comes in capacity of 50 tons to 150 tons. They are built with high-quality materials under a professional technical method which make them compatible with all industries.
The productions of truck scale ranging from axle scales to dump trucks making us as a versatile company in the Middle East in the field of heavy scaling. These variation supplies a variety of businesses including logging, aggregates, mining, metal recycling, agriculture, orchards, contracting projects and building and construction sites.

Additional Options and Accessories

Like many businesses, accessories are used to facilitate the operation system. There are lots of accessories that can help truck scale operators done their task easily. Put under consideration the following options for truck scales.

Plate Defined Weighbridge Management System

Plate Defined Weighbridge Management System is designed to identify the vehicle is entering on the deck. It records the vehicle license plate, in weighing process, after that, camera ID transfers date and the time of vehicle entering the platform to the computer installed in the weighing cabin. The length of the vehicle on the scale can also be recorded, optionally. Multiple cameras can be installed to take pictures at different angles at the same time. Anything would be practicable as the customer order.

Remote Display

If you want to monitor the value of the weigh outside of the cabin, remote display is the correct choice.

It is set up at any suitable place based on available sites outside of the cabin. The value is clearly readable on red LED indicator with 6 digits. Remote Display is so useful in a foggy, smoky and dusty weather, our remote display makes sharp, easy-to-read weight values.  

Traffic Lights

One of the important matters in truck scale is organizing vehicle when the site is too crowded. Traffic lights is so useful for organization of entry and exit of truck drivers by commanding them. It could be mounted in the weighing cabin or at the gate. Barrier is another applicable part of traffic lights. It opens and closes the entry to improve the speed of weighing process.   

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