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Truck Scale in Kabul

truck scale

In this article, main industries in Kabul are explained to clarify why this city need truck scale. Generally, having a truck scale at all industries speeds up the whole process, because it weighs all entry and exit which are the main data for other departments.   

Where is Kabul?

Afghanistan’s capital and largest city is Kabul. It is a municipality that is part of the Kabul Province and is administratively divided into 22 municipal districts. Its eastern half is where it is located. Kabul’s population was estimated to be 5 million people in 2023. The city has served as Afghanistan’s political, cultural, and economic hub in modern times. Rapid urbanization has made Kabul the 75th-largest city in the world and the primate city of the nation.

The modern-day city of Kabul is situated high up in a small valley in the Hindu Kush and is bordered on all sides by the river. It is one of the highest capital cities in the world, rising to a height of 1, 790 meters. The old neighborhoods of this city’s center include those of Khashti Bridge, Khabgah, Kahforoshi, Deh-Afghanan, Chandavel, Shorbazar, Saraji, Zana- Khan, and Baghe Alimardan.

Kabul’s Economy

Fresh and dried fruit, nuts, beverages, Afghan rugs, leather and sheepskin goods, furniture, antique replicas, and domestic clothing were among Kabul’s main offerings. The Kabul Urban Reconstruction Project, which was approved by the World Bank for$ 25 million, was completed in 2011. The United States has invested about$ 9.1 billion in Afghanistan’s urban infrastructure over the past ten years. The city’s economic productivity has been constrained by the wars since 1978, but since the Karzai administration took office in late 2001, local economic developments have included a number of indoor shopping malls. The Kabul City Center, which opened in 2005, was the first of these. In recent years, additional locations have also opened, such as Gulbahar Center, City Walk Mall, and Majid Mall.

truck scale

One of the main bazaars in Kabul is Mandawi Road, which is situated between the Murad Khani and Shur Bazaar neighborhoods on the south bank of a river. This wholesale market is very well-liked by the locals. The Sarai Shahzada money exchange market is nearby. Perhaps Chicken Street is best known to visitors from abroad.  

The largest industrial hub in Kabul was situated in District 9, close to the airport and on the north banks of the River Tajul. A 9-hectare industrial complex with modern facilities had been completed about 6 km from downtown Kabul in Bagrami, allowing businesses to operate there. The park had qualified staff to oversee the daily upkeep of public roads, internal streets, common areas, parking spaces, 24-hour perimeter security, and access control for both vehicles and people. There were several factories operating, including the$ 25 million Coca-Cola bottling plant and the Omaid Bahar juice factory.

Installing a Tuck Scale in Kabul

The installation steps are explained in the following paragraphs. In all steps, the only concern of our technical experts is to do all works based on standards.

We have committed ourselves to increase productivity and accuracy in the weighing industry, to carry out all executive matters from purchase, production and installation in the form of international standards.

STEP 1: Consultation to Buy a Truck Scale

Consultation is so important for buyers to choose a right truck scale.  

At this stage, our sales experts propose you the best ones to satisfy your needs based on their experience and knowledge. They try to explain all aspects of buying a truck scale including technical features, the influence of climate on truck scale functionality and where it is better to be installed.

Experts always try to offer several choices so that buyers can make a decision based on their business and budget. We facilitate your decision with giving you what you should know, but we leave the final decision to you.  

truck scale

STEP 2: Preparing installation site

After your decision, the environmental conditions are defined and sent to you for preparing the place.

 The purpose of this step is to create a standard condition for working at high accuracy. The flatness of the installation site and its surroundings is one of the factors that affect the accuracy of the scale and its lifespan.

STEP 3: Transporting and Mechanical Installation

When installation site is prepared, the pre-fabricated foundation and the scale platform are sent to the location. After that, the technical team go to the location to do the project.  

 In mechanical installation, first the foundation is placed and installed on the allocated space. Sometimes it is better to wait a day after installing foundation. Then the platform is installed on the foundation.

STEP 4: Electrical installation

After all conditions provided in the mechanical installation, it is time for electrical installation. At this step, load cells are installed in allocated space. After that all cables are connected to indicator.

At the end, calibration, one of the most important steps of scale installation, is done. In order to calibrate the truck scale, several cargoes are placed on different points of platform and its weight is measured each time.

All mentioned steps are done for installing a truck scale in Kabul. We can install all types of truck scale anywhere in Afghanistan.

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