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Truck Scale in Basra

truck scale

This article presents different industries in Basra and their need to install truck scale, in the end, the process of installing truck scale is explained.

Where is Basra?

 Basra is a city in southern Iraq that is situated on the Arabian Peninsula’s Shatt al-Arab. In 2021, it had an estimated population of 1.4 million. Although it lacks deep water access, which is handled at the port of Umm Qasr, Basra is also Iraq’s primary port. Grand Faw Port, which is being built on the coast of Basra and is regarded as a national project for Iraq, is currently under construction. It will grow to be one of the largest ports in the world and the Middle East. In addition, the port will improve Iraq’s geopolitical position within the region and around the globe. Iraq also intends to build a sizable naval base on the Faw peninsula.

Basra’s Economy

The capital and largest city of Iraq, Baghdad, is 545 kilometers from the city, which is situated along the Shatt al-Arab waterway, and 55 kilometers to the Persian Gulf. Its economy is heavily reliant on the oil sector. The fourth-largest oil reserves in the world are located in Iraq, and they are estimated to number more than 115 billion barrels (18.3109 m3). The province is home to some of Iraq’s largest oil fields, and the majority of its oil exports come from the Al Basrah Oil Terminal. The city is home to the headquarters of the Basra Oil Company, formerly known as South Oil Co.

Basra’s petrochemical industry, which includes the Southern Fertilizer Company and The State Company for Petrochemical Industries (SCPI), is the main source of significant economic activity. The Southern Fertilizer Company makes ammonia solution, urea, and nitrogen gas, while the SCPI concentrates on products like ethylene, caustic/ chlorine, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), polyvinyl carbonate (PVC), low- and high-density polyethylene.

truck scale

Basra is in an agriculturally productive area with abundant supplies of rice, maize corn, barley, pearl millet, wheat, dates, and livestock. Basra was renowned for the superior quality of its dates for a very long time. The English contract law remoteness of damages case The Heron II [1969] 1 AC 350 heavily weighed on Basra’s reputation for its sugar market in the 1960s.

Transport, logistics, and shipping are also significant industries in Basra. All six of Iraq’s ports are located in Basra; Umm Qasr is the main deep-water port with 22 platforms, some of which are devoted to particular products (such as sulfur, seeds, lubricant oil, etc.). The other five ports are more compact and specialize in a smaller area. Before the oil boom, fishing was a significant industry. The city also has an international airport that connects to Baghdad via Iraqi Airways, the country’s primary airline.

All these economic sectors lead to the installation of truck scale for each business. In the following paragraphs, one of the installation projects in Basra is explained.

Steps for Installing a Truck Scale in Basra

In order to easily understand the set of actions that happen in the installation of a truck scale, it is better to know that there are three steps. The truck scale installed in Basra was a pit model. It means that the installation required excavation and some preparation of cement mortar before installation.

Firstly, the installation site should be prepared, which includes digging the pit and smoothing the area around the scale. Most of the execution actions at this stage are the responsibility of the buyer.  

Secondly, the foundation and the plate, which are known as the mechanical components of the scale, were installed. This step needs some workers, takes a day time, and is installed by an expert installer.

Thirdly, the important part is electronics installation, where 4 load cells were installed and their connection cables were connected from the load cells to an indicator. Cabling is another subject that must be done with great precision and delicacy as the electronic installation of a truck scale requires high concentration and accuracy. 

This project was done in 2018, and by the time now, after 5 years, it has been calibrated once. 

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