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The Process of Metal Truck Scale Production 

Metal Truck Scale Produce

It is obvious that producing a high-quality truck scale needs to be planned based on international provided standards. For using them, it is necessary to do all implementations as like as requirements determined in quality management department.

The quality management system draws the overall path of production in all companies and organizations. At Pand Caspian Company, we do all production process under the quality management system orders, and this is also being implemented in the production of metal truck scale. This article explains the production process of metal weighbridge.   

Purchasing High-quality materials for metal truck scale

Purchasing well-made raw materials is the primary and essential step of production process. The use of flawless raw materials in the mass production of metal truck scale is the main reason for producing long-life production. Metals pass various stages from mining to recovery in purpose of becoming steel, in which each tiny mistake can lead to poor quality steel. So, truck scale manufacturers have to evaluate the quality of purchased metal before using as truck scale platform or as any part of truck scale construction.

Metal Truck Scale Produce

We made a quality control form through which all materials are purchased. The purchase of welding rod, color and other items are also mentioned in detail on purchase form.

Cutting and bending of metals used in the production of metal weighbridge

The raw materials are supplied in the standard dimensions and sizes to the market. To produce a metal scale with platform dimensions of 8 x 3m, steel plates must be cut in desired dimension.

On the other hand, the rebars and angles used in the scale should be cut and bent based on the size of weighbridge scale. All these steps are carried out by experts under the supervision of a quality control expert. In order to improve the quality of truck scale, dimensional control and visual inspection are carried out in all stages of cutting and bending. The next step is to assemble the metal scale using welding.

The welding stage of metal weighbridge scale production

At this stage, according to the WPS document, in which all welding specifications, including the welding angle and heat treatment before and after welding, are mentioned, the assembly of the metal weighbridge scale are done. All welders are evaluated by WPQ test and experts are selected for plate welding. After each stage of work progress, weld beats are visually and ultrasonically tested by the quality control expert.

In addition, some parts are connected to the metal scale plate with using bolts and nuts. In this case, all quality control mentioned steps for welding are performed. After that, final evaluation is done and it enters the stage of sandblasting and painting.  

Metal Truck Scale Produce

The stage of sandblasting and painting of the metal truck scale

In sandblasting, the main goal is to clean the metal surface and prepare the surface for better color absorption. This step should be done with special delicacy and precision, so that the surface has a thin layer of roughness because metals will have better color absorption.

 The color under the layer (primer), which is a very important and vital, is painted using rich zinc colors. This infrastructure makes the truck scale resistant to corrosion, which increases the health and longevity of the metal scale in the open air and in exposure of rain and moisture. The next layer is painted with a paint containing polyamide. This paint has high adhesive strength and protect the truck scale against scratches and chemical components. Finally, the last layer is painted using polyurethane paint, which protects both layers from contamination.


Production of metal truck scale has high sensitivity in material selection, welding and painting process. All these steps are carried out in Pand Caspian Technology Company based on material selection and quality control documents.

All stages are done under quality control experts, and the health and safety of the products are the priority of our team.  

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