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Buying a Used Truck Scale

used truck scale

The usual advice of experts is to buy a new electrical device and avoid buying a second-hand one. The reason for this is your lack of awareness about the working conditions before purchasing and possible future problems. This recommendation is also true for truck scale due to your high expectation of the accuracy of the truck scale. Be alert that buying a second-hand truck scale requires gathering all information on working conditions before buying. In the following paragraphs, the threats that this matter brings are mentioned, and it is better to read these points before buying it.  

Important points about used truck scales

Sometimes a used machine is recommended for some businesses in order to save cost. Still, there are risks and disadvantages that make this choice only feasible for a limited number of businesses. These risks include:

  • The size of the scale cannot be changed, because it damages the integrity of the structure and the components do not work in harmony, and finally, the weighing accuracy, which is the main purpose of buying a scale, is reduced. This limitation also reduces your power of choice, because the second-hand scales on the market may not be the same size as the vehicle you want to weigh, and you may have to wait a long time to find your desired scale.
  • The warranty will be invalid because the manufacturer guarantees the scale to the first customer and the technical settings taken into account at the time of installation. If the device is moved before the end of the warranty period and is opened and closed once, the possibility of vulnerability will increase and the after-sale warranty will be canceled. Maybe you change some parts at the new installation place, which are individually covered by the warranty, but the whole device will not be guaranteed again.
  • The device may be damaged during handling. As you know, the road scale is considered a semi-heavy structure, which is not very easy to be moved, and the probability of damage during moving is high. The general belief is that load cells and junction boxes are the most sensitive parts, which is completely true, but if the scale plate is damaged or damaged, it will greatly affect the accuracy of the scale as well.
used truck scale

So far, the points that should be paid attention to when buying a second-hand truck scale and the possible damages have been mentioned. In addition to the mentioned topic, upgrading the scale is another option that you can always take into consideration.

Truck scale upgrading

Many scales can be upgraded with a minor modification of some components that has been damaged. Sometimes the load cells may lose their accuracy as they have been working for ages or the plate is deformed or cracked, in which case you don’t need to change the entire road scale, just replace the damaged part.

It is better to coordinate with the supplier which the device was purchased to change parts and components. This supplier will probably offer you the best alternatives and you can safely use it.

Be careful that buying from the same supplier is not a mandatory matter and if you intend to buy new parts from another high-quality supplier, you can.

Notably, replacing these parts is much more cost-effective compared to using after-sales services repeatedly and constantly stopping your routine business operation. Every time the support force comes to your site for repair, your device cannot be used for hours or days, which disrupts your work process. Every device has a lifespan as all of us know, and using frequent services and support for a device with a lifespan of 20 years or more will only waste your energy and time, in this case, the best option is to upgrade the scale.

Since upgrading the scale includes checking all the components and fixing the defects, this action will ultimately increase the lifespan of the scale and the foundation.

Installation of new technologies such as IoT system and use of optional equipment such as plate reader, second display, and traffic lights are other things that can be considered to upgrade the weighing system. It is better to make major changes in the season of the year when you have fewer customers so as not to harm your business. 

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  1. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article! It is the little changes which will make the most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!

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