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Pit Truck Scale vs Pitless Truck Scale

Pitl Truck Scale

In general, the constant question of businesses that want to install a truck scale is that it is better to install the pit truck scale or pitless truck scale.

As its name is clear, the pit truck scale is built on a pit, and the level of the weighing platform is level with the ground. At one time, all truck scales required deep pits because of large levers and suspension systems were installed below of the platform. Today, those scales are obsolete and deep pits are optional, not a mandatory.

Pit Truck Scale

In a pit truck scale, even if a pit is used, the depth of the pit is no longer deep as the previous generation, although the depth of the pit can facilitate the maintenance and service procedures of the truck scale as a shallow pit leaves little room for service personnel.

It should be mentioned that, the depth of a pit may be determined by the tools employed under the truck scale or by requirements dictated by installation standards. They may also determine the size of the manholes.

Pitless Truck Scale

The pitless truck scale are high from the ground and their height is about 28 to 51 cm. The design of the truck scale may be such that one or both sides of the truck scale are open. In this case, the service and maintenance of the truck scale is easier, but the measuring tools are subject to more environmental damage.  

Pit Truck Scale

While the choice between pit truck scale and pitless truck scale is based on what buyers want, but, on the other hand the environmental limitation should be concerned.  

Conditions Determining How a Truck Scale Should be Installed?

Sometimes there are some situations where the choice of truck scale and trailer scale is not based on customers choose, and the restrictions determine that only one type of truck scale must be installed. In the following paragraphs, some different conditions in which the only choice is pit truck scale are explained.  

In the first case, sometimes there is not enough physical space to add a ramp on the ground and you still don’t have enough room to maneuver the trucks after they leave the platform.

In the second case, some safety requirements of the industry may have been determined that the installation of the scale requires a pit truck scale.

Another situation where you need a pit truck scale is when you have height restrictions. For example, suppose a scale is used to control a bulk filling process. Overhead infill structures may be already installed and cannot be removed. In this case, the maximum permissible height of the weighbridge is a great importance.

The Advantage of Installing a Pitless Truck Scale

The choice of the scale type depends on the conditions and application of the truck scale. But if we leave these parameters aside and examine each truck scale type separately, the pitless truck scale has some advantages that influence of buyers decision. 

Accessibility – Easier for maintenance personnel to crawl under the scale and inspect its components. But the pits are equipped with manholes which are much more difficult to use for those involved in truck scale maintenance.

Drainage – A pit requires water drainage to dispose of rainwater and snow. Usually, this work requires the use of a drain pump and a tank, which is considered a separate system next to the truck scale, which ultimately requires service or replacement and increases the costs. However, in pitless type you don’t bother yourself for this additional system.

Pitless Truck Scale

Safety – Depending on the safety requirements of your facility and region, entering a pit for routine service can require specific protocols. Because most truck scale pits are classified as “confined space,” safety requirements can include the use of restraints, cable hoists, air quality monitors, and more. In some chemical manufactures, pits can collect heavier-than-air gases and pose a hazard beyond just being collected in a pit. Since pitless scales usually do not need to go under the scale, they can require less safety preparations.

Others – Pits are places where garbage accumulates, which causes the accumulation of mud and other garbage. They are difficult to clean and can become a good place for pests and rodents, which rodents can destroy the cables connected to the load cells.


Based on what mentioned above, it can be seen that the choice of truck scale type depends on some factors and conditions. But sometimes the limitations determine how a truck scale should be installed.

There are advantages about pitless truck scale that makes it easier to install and reduce maintenance costs. By reading this article and consulting with the sales unit of Fanavari Pand Caspian Company, you can choose the right way to install the scale according to your conditions and application.  

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