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Truck Scale Platforms; Metal and Concrete Platforms

Truck Scale Platforms

Truck Scale Platforms is a concrete or metal plate designed like a bridge on which a truck or trailer is placed for weighing. Metal and concrete platforms have the same functionality as both is used for the same purpose. However, there are some differences that can make a platform more useful for specific industrial unit. In the following paragraphs, these two platforms are compared to make a clarification in regard to price and implement.

Metal vs. Concrete Platform

Some parameters are compared in the table below. Based on this table and the explanations mentioned in this essay, you can choose the right truck scale platform.

Installation timeone day2 days for prefabricated 2 weeks for on-site installation  
PortabilityLight and easy to carryheavy and difficult to carry
Truck BalanceSliding when WetStable when Wet
Point loadingnot recommendedrecommended
Maintenancedepends on the conditionsdepends on the conditions
Lifespandepends on the conditionsdepends on the conditions
overall setup costHighLow

Truck Scale Platforms; Metal Platform

In terms of metal platform, all platforms are fabricated just in factories and usually welded to an internal metal beams components to satisfy the intended strength. The truck scale with metal platform is ready for operation promptly after installation. Since all metal truck scale platforms are completely manufactured in a factory, there are few variables in the process of fabrication, so each platform can be fabricated with high speed and quality.       

Most metal platforms have diamond treads on their surface to reduce the sliding in a humid and wet climate.

Truck Scale Platforms

Moreover, metal platforms are always considered as an asset for a business because of the value of metal, and compared to concrete ones, they can be moved more easily. Therefore, these two advantages have increased the request of buying metal truck scale platforms.

Truck Scale Platforms; Concrete Platform

Remember that a 60-ton or a 50-ton concrete truck scale is made of the combination of metal and concrete. At Pend Caspian Company, we fabricate concrete weighbridges for customers in the form of pre-fabricated or on-site fabrication.  

As far as on-site concrete truck scale is considered, all the required metal components and reinforcement elements are connected in a framework before concreting. It should be mentioned that, after concreting, the truck scale would not be used for 30 days till the concrete reaches its desired compressive and tensile strength.

Truck Scale Platforms

For these projects taking place on site, the cost of transportation of pre-fabricated components should be crossed out from the total price. In addition, as a concrete platform has too much higher static weight than metal one, it may also require a stronger foundation (rich cement foundation) leading to higher cost.

In terms of pre-fabricated concrete truck scale, you don’t need to wait 30 days for operation, it could be used right away after installation. In this case, prefabricated components are much heavier than on-site fabrication concrete. Therefore, their transportation becomes more expensive. Sometimes, in the case of set up an 80-ton truck scale, prefabricated components need to be transported with two trucks, these cases may also require a mobile heavy-duty crane for installation. Be aware that, if a concrete platform is your choice, you consider all setting up costs before installation.     

To complete the comparison between these two platforms, it must be mentioned that the corrosion-resistance property is another important parameter that should be considered. Metal is highly corrosive in humid environments, so it is better to use a concrete one in these kinds of environments.  

Truck Scale Platforms


In a nutshell, based on mentioned information, you can pick the right truck scale up based on total cost and what you need. Be careful that the most important factors for choosing a truck scale platform is the environment it works in and the strength it should bear.  

Before buying a truck scale, be sure to consult with our sales experts at Pend Caspian to choose the right scale on based what you need.   

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