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Fixed Truck Scale Vs. Portable Truck Scale

Fixed vs portable Truck Scale

What is the difference between fixed and portable truck scale? In this article all aspects is discussed to clarify how these types of truck scales influence your business.

In some situations, like a civil project, you may need to weigh vehicles during a short period of time. When you need a truck scale temporarily, it is better to use the ones manufactured for this purpose.

For example, a tower construction project that will be implemented just several years, you need to use a portable truck scale during the period of construction.

Features of Portable Truck scale

A portable truck scale is made with metal platform, which is usually connected with bolts and nuts, unlike the installation of a pit truck scale that requires a foundation, it does not. The portable truck scale is not even similar to a pit-less scale as a permanent pit-less truck scale needs permanent concrete ramps.  

 The portable truck scales are designed with a dedicated handy space beneath the platform for the installation of the load cells. 

A portable truck scale is always manufactured from a durable metal, as it is moved continuously from a place to another. In most cases, they are designed in a way that formwork modules and platform are detached easily. The method of connecting the parts is in the form of bolts and nuts. Usually, crane is used to lift the parts in each movement.

Bear in mind that the only vital necessity is preparing the place of installation. It should be installed on dense soil with the strength prepared concrete.

In each case, all technical installation plans from A to Z are explained to the owners by the technical experts of Pand Caspian Company and they are all carefully monitored by us.  

Features of Fixed Truck scale

A fixed truck scale is mainly suitable for businesses that have a long-term plan. The pit or pit-less truck scales are installed and operated in the form of metal or metal/concrete at the desired business location.

A fixed truck scale is completely different from portable one. For example, to install a 50-ton or a 60-ton scale, the foundation must be prepared completely. In this regard, the costs of environmental preparing and foundation are higher in comparison with portable ones. Furthermore, it is impossible to move these scales as they are welded or concreted with other components.

Fixed Truck Scale

To clarify the case, for pit type ones, a 70-centemer pit is excavated and laying a concrete block is done to protect the pit from unpredictable threads. After that, pre-fabricated foundations are installed as they should bear forces. So, based on these implementations this type is just suitable for permanent businesses.


According to aforementioned information, the type of truck scale is selected based on projects and businesses. For temporary projects, it is better to use a portable truck scale, whereas for permanent businesses, it is better to use a fixed truck scale.

The sales experts of Pand Caspian Technology Company offer free advice on this matter, which will help you make the right choice.  

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