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What are the common types of truck and trailer scales?

axle scale

Measuring the weight of trucks and trailers needs scales which is one of the essential quality control and evaluation tools in various industries. Basically, the movement of the goods in factories and industries is done by vehicles and wagons. Therefore, it is mandatory to use a tool to measure the goods which are transformed by them. In this article, all types of weighing scales applied for heavy loads are mentioned.

All types of vehicles that can be weighed with scales

A truck is a motor vehicle whose loading part is continuously connected to it. Trucks are of various types that are usually classified based on axle and weight. Normally, 6-wheeled trucks are called single axle and 10-wheeled trucks are called double axles.

Unlike trucks, the trailer are the ones that a trailer is attached to a vehicle by coupler, so the length of the trailer can be different based on its designs.

The standard dimensions and weight of trolleys in different parts of the world follow specific criteria and values, in Europe, the maximum weight of a trolley can only be 40 tons and its length are less than 19 meters. In the United States of America, due to the possibility of towing several trailers by the towing section, the length limit has not been established by the federal government, but according to the internal laws of the states, the maximum weight of the trailers varies from 36 to 78 tons. In Australia, the maximum length of trailers is limited to 26 and their weight is limited to 5.62 tons.

Therefore, it is natural that the dimensions and maximum weighing capacity of fixed truck scales are different in different geographical locations. In middle east, basically, the maximum capacity of truck scales which is 50 tons and its dimensions is 3×8 meters. The maximum capacity of truck scales for trailers is 60 tons and its dimension is 16×3 meters.

Common types of truck and trailer scales

These scales may be used based on different conditions and industries.

Fixed truck scale

 These scales are industrial and designed for weighing large vehicles such as trucks, semi-trailers, tankers and other heavy vehicles. These bulky weighing instruments are commonly used in transportation, agriculture, and mining industries. Note that these scales are installed in a certain place and after that they cannot be moved easily.

truck scale

Wheel truck scales

 This scale has made it possible to weigh vehicles without the need to stop weighing. The scale is placed under the wheels of the vehicle and its final weight is measured by considering the sum of the weight of each wheel.

wheel truck scale

Axle scales

 These scales are designed to weigh the axles of a vehicle. This scale model is usually used in manufacturing, transportation and mining industries. Axle scales help to ensure weight distribution in vehicles.

axle scale

Portable truck scales

These scales can be moved from one place to another and are ideal for transport companies that need to weigh vehicles in different places.


Weighing vehicles is very important due to their influential role in logistics and various industries. Designing and producing all kinds of scales helps to use suitable scales in every department. In this article, the types of scales used to weigh trucks and trailers were introduced, each of them is suitable for a specific business and meets a verity of needs.

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