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Truck Scale in Turkmenistan: Caspian Pit Type Truck Scale

Truck Scale

This article elaborates main industries in Turkmenistan and the reasons why these industries should use a truck scale. The process of installing Caspian pit type truck scale is also written in the following paragraphs. 

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iran are the countries that border Turkmenistan, which is a country in Central Asia.

Turkmenistan has a relative advantage in industries like the petrochemical and chemical industries, cotton material production, and food running, but these industries are dominated by well-developed cotton ginning, natural fuel and cottonseed oil.

These main industries and other small private businesses in different industries need a truck scale to manage their businesses. In the following paragraph, main industries and the way that a truck scale can facilitate their business are explained.

Truck Scale for Oil and Gas industry in Turkmenistan

In terms of the origin of natural gas and oil, Turkmenistan is fourth in the world after Russia, the US, and Canada. The nation’s youngest, most active, and appealing sector of the economy is fuel production. The estimated fuel reserves in Turkmenistan range from 8.1 to 8.7 trillion cubic meters, and the country’s prospecting potential is 10.5 trillion.  

truck scale

In the process of refining oil and gas, there are some steps which raw materials (like additives) should be added to some processes. These materials are weigh with this product, which helps to monitor and organize the production system based on materials used in each step.

Truck Scale for Building Materials in Turkmenistan 

A change in position investment toward housing, education, and shared enterprises has increased construction in Turkmenistan. Construction has accounted for about 10 % of the GDP since 1989. Salt, cement, brick, and wall stone are some of the building materials produced, along with ferro-concrete structures, asbestos-cement pipes, carbonate concrete, lime, rock, slate, or glass.

As we know all these building materials price are determined based on their weight. Mining mineral materials is the step that a tuck scale should weigh the amount of extraction. In addition, when the process of production is finished, this product weighs them before using.  So, main operational activities in building industry are done with truck scale.

Truck Scale for Cotton Industry in Turkmenistan   

Turkmenistan was the 24th-largest producer of raw cotton in the world in 2021, exporting$ 58.6M worth of cotton. Fresh cotton was the tenth most exported good in Turkmenistan at the same time. Turkey ($ 47.9), Pakistan ($ 7.66M), Belgium ($ 892K), China ($ 877k), and Portugal ($ 819k) are the main destinations for raw cotton exports from Turkmenistan.

Cotton is also one of those products that needs to be weigh in all procedures from harvesting to export to a country. As farmers and small businesses support this industry, a great deal of small private companies use this product in their manufactory. This product helps them to weigh their productions and measure productions in a period.  

Installing a Caspian Pit Type Truck Scale in Turkmenistan

The following written text is allocate to the process of installing a truck scale (Caspisn pit type) in Turkmenistan.

First: Necessary coordination of installation

Before installing this product, it is necessary to coordinate the way that it exports from Iran to Turkmenistan and what necessary preparation procedures should be done.

Our sales department at Pand Caspian Technology Company is always trying to provide technical solutions for your better choices. In this case, during the consultations with our customer from Turkmenistan, Caspian pit type this product was the right choose to be installed.

truck scale

Its maximum capacity is 60 tons, which is installed with two metal platform (3*16 dimension).

The truck scale with 60 tons maximum capacity weighs a wide range of vehicles such as van, truck and trailer. Therefore, this truck scale can weigh cargos from 7 to 60 tons.   

 In this step, all metal parts and electronic instruments (Deck, pillars, load cells and indicator) were sent to Ashgabat for installing in an industrial site.

Second: Mechanical installation of Caspian Pit Type Truck Scale in Ashgabat

After receiving the metal structures to the installation site, our professional truck scale technicians flow to Ashgabat and picked up with the company bought the truck scale to the site.

 After initial evaluation, technicians start preparing the site. After that, metal deck is fixed with pillars are installed in the excavation pit. In this step, metal deck is installed over the pit by using a crane.

This truck scale is at the same level of the Earth. The final preparation step in this stage is when technicians are in the pit to strengthen the pillars before electrical installation stage.

Third: Electrical installation of Caspian Pit Type Truck Scale in Ashgabat

After mentioned steps, it is time for electrical installation, which load cells and indicator is run.

In this stage, firstly, 8 load cells are installed under the deck and their cables are connected to a cable data collector (junction box). The output of junction box is connected to indicator.

At this stage, it is very important to place the load cell in its allocated protecting place and the way of cabling. As this truck scale is installed prominently, the cables must be installed in such a way that it is safe from environmental damage.


Installing a truck scale is inevitable for a wide range of industries. Turkmenistan has oil and gas, building materials and cotton industry that a truck scale can help them weigh their products and evaluate the amount of productions during a specific period.

In this article, one of the projects is explained to show that how a truck scale is installed in Turkmenistan by Pand Caspian Company.

We have been producing truck scale for over 25 years, and export our products to all neighbors’ countries.

To install a truck scale in Turkmenistan, call us. 

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