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Truck Scale Indicator and Information Management

truck scale indicator

The design of truck scale indicator and information management should be done in a way that is able to record information both automatically and manually. Generally speaking, the features and capabilities of a truck scale indicator and weighing software have brought the possibility of recording and archiving weighing information in a form of central database.   

In this regard, Fanavari Pend Caspian Company uses multiple modern technologies to simplify weighing processes by offering the PU850 indicator and Pand Weighing System (PWS) software which are able to collect the extensive information mentioned below:  

  • Type of material
  • Price
  • Net weight of the truck
  • Net weight of cargo
  • Customer/account number
  • Purchase contract
  • Third party shipping information
  • Identification number of the driver
  • Plate number of the truck and trailer
  • Fees and taxes
  • Classification of materials and goods

In order to obtain this information, truck scale manufacturers usually offer three general levels of data management for weighing systems. Some of these features listed below may be different for each manufacturer. Topics involved in data logging include scale houses and basic or advanced customized weighing software. In the following paragraphs, the main features of a truck scale which are available to truck scale buyers through which they can provide different level of data management is mentioned.

truck scale indicator

Primary features of a Truck Scale Indicator

• Displaying the weight value

• Ability of processing simple transactions with gross weight and net weight

• Ability of indicating the weight value simultaneously on two LCD and LED displays

• Indicating of date, time and weight on the LCD screen

Optional Features of a Truck Scale Indicator

• Performing simple general calculations, for example, the amount of daily weighed actions

• Calculate the tonnage of each truck or item

• Outputs data to a printer, remote display, or a computer

• The possibility of using peripheral devices

• Storing limited transaction data and information

• The system of the traffic controlling

• Bilingual internal (Persian / English)

Advanced Features of a Truck Scale Indicator  

• The connection of the weighing instruments with the side components, traffic lights and the second or third indicators

• Providing a database with tables to store information about vehicles, products, accounts, etc.

• Organizing reports and receipts

• Calculating of the total price of goods in an advanced way

• Speeding up transactions by using preset settings

• Recording of entering and exiting of factory data

• Entering a list of machines with allocated code to simplify the process of reporting and printing

• Entering the name of operators (20 operators) and their password with the ability of edition (only for the person who is in charge)

• Ability of insert date, time, name, address, vehicle number, driver’s name, bill serial number, row, unit price, total price, volume, origin and destination, empty, full and net weight, operator name, weighing price rate on the scale bill.

type of truck scale indicator

Advanced and Customized Weighing System Software for a Truck Scale

The advanced software designed by Pend Caspian helps you to use as much as features that your business needs.

• Selecting options such as origin, destination, bill of lading number, warehouse code and etc.

• Reporting based on vehicle plate number

• Selective reports by type of product, vehicle, user, and even a combination of required components

• Ability of providing access levels for other users (only for the administrator)

• Use of hardware lock 

• Ability of reprinting of all previous issued bills

• Unlimited memory (allocated computer space)

• The ability of calculating the volume of cargo based on volumetric mass

  • Combined reporting with 30 items mentioned in it   

As mentioned, the way to provide these services is different for each truck scale manufacturer and supplier. The ay of using these services are not the same for all businesses. Any business can use the features of the scale indicator and weighing software according to its business necessity.  

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