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Truck Scale in Grozny

truck scale's Installation in grozny

Russia is one of the countries with very large industries that has economic relations with many countries around the world.

The countries that are located in the southwest of Russia establish their economic connection with the city of Grozny. This city is one of the export hubs of Russia.

For this reason, the use of truck scale is very common in this city. Many products are exported from this city to the southwestern countries of Russia, all of which must be weighed before shipping.

In this article, some useful information is given about Grozny and an installation project is elaborated at the end.  

The City of Grozny

The City of Grozny is of particular interest, because it was founded as a Russian outpost and became a center of urbanization for Chechnya.

The city of Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic, is located in the Chechen foreland in the valley of the Sunzha river and the Sunzha mountainside. The average temperature in January is minus 4 centigrade, in July it is from plus 22 to plus 24 centigrade. There are about 400-600 mm annual precipitation, mainly from May to July.

truck scale's Installation in grozny

 Grozny has a railway station that serve the Rostov – Baku route. Grozny has also a traffic junction for automobile traffic and has an airport.

The infrastructure and the oil industries of Grozny and its neighbourhoods were rebuilt and further developed after the Civil War. There other industries and new cultural facilities were also built, including higher education facilities.

Industries in Grozny

At the end of 1980, Grozny was a center of the oil industry and petrochemical industry. The oil and gas were brought by pipelines. Also, there were manufactured devices (machine construction) for oil production (“Krasnyj molot” and “Neftekhimzapchast`). There was also vehicle construction including the production of tanks and armored vehicles, a radio factory, different kinds of military industries, the food industry and light industry, building industry. Due to the oil industry and petrochemical industry, there were different research and project facilities, i.e., the Oil Research Institute, the State Project Institute for Enterprises of the Oil Industry and other. A peculiarity of Grozny was the Grozny Oil Institute – a higher education facility founded in the 20s of the 20th century.

Installing a truck scale in Grozny

Evaluation of the installation site and preparation

At first, the representative of Pend Caspian Technology Company visited the installation site of the scale and sent video reports in order to receive preparation instructions for our specialists in Tehran. After the preliminary investigations, the preparation steps such as how to remove the slope of the installation site, prepare the ramp site and excavate for the prefabricated foundation were sent to the client. All measures before installing the 60-ton truck scale were compiled based on international standards and the implementation steps were carried out under the supervision of our company.

truck scale's Installation in grozny

Mechanical installation of the truck scale

In this project, a 60-ton truck scale was purchased, whose foundation was sent to the installation site in a prefabricated form. After excavating, the pre-fabricated concrete foundations were installed, and then the scale plate was placed above them. The mechanical installation ends here and then the electronic installation is done.  

Electronic installation of the truck scale

The electronic installation of the truck scale is installing the load cells in allocated place and cables them to the junction box. Connecting the junction box to the truck scale indicator is the next step in this stage.

Testing the accuracy of the truck scale  

After the mechanical and electronic installation of the truck scale, it is time to test the truck scale and calibration. At this stage, different cargoes are weighed several times and measure the accuracy of the scale based on the reports. This step provides the opportunity to re-review the installation process to avoid possible mistakes.

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